A young boy wakes up, confused, in the middle of a classroom - it seems familiar except everything is desolate and covered in some strange dark slime. Walls are torn and the floor has rubble scattered across it. The room appears to have no exit and the boy starts to panic. As his heart races he hears a strange groan be emitted from behind him - a dark entity has emerged from the slimy walls and is slowly approaching him with no signs of stopping. The boy can feel his life slipping away with every inch the demon gets closer. His heartbeat continues to rise and the demon continues to close in. The boy raises his hand in a desperate attempt to protect himself and in that instance a bright white light is blasted from the palm of his hand and completely engulfs the demon causing it to implode. The boy gains hope as he realises he is not defenceless, he turns to see that the key to the door has materialised in front of him. The boy ventures onward to find anyway out of this nightmare and to see if there is anybody alive in the building.